Checklist for Transfer of Shares

S No.Compliance ResponsibilityCompliancesDocuments ExecutionTimeline
1Transferor and TransfereeExecution of Share Transfer deedSH-4
2Transferor and TransfereeShare Transfer deed shall be dated
3Transferor and TransfereeStamp duty affixed on Share Transfer deed at the rate of 0.25% of consideration and stamps shall be cancelled
4Transferor and TransfereeShare transfer deed shall be signed by Transferor, Witness and Transferee
5TransfereePayment for Share Transfer
6Transferor or Transferee1. Duly executed Share transfer deed in form SH-4 with Share Certificate along with request of splitting if any is required to delivered to the Company1. SH-4
2. Existing Share Certificate
3. Proof of receipt of Consideration of Transfer of Shares
60 days
7CompanyCheck Articles of Association for Compliance of provisions regarding transfer
8CompanyTo call Board Meeting for taking up the matter of transfer of Shares1. Notice of Board Meeting
2. Agenda of Board Meeting
9CompanyBoard Meeting1. Certified true copy of Resolution for Transfer of Shares, issue of Share Certificate and Splitting of Shares
2. Minutes of Board Meeting
9 days
10CompanyIssue of Share CertificatesExisting Certificate/New Certificate1 month from receipt of Transfer deed
11CompanyEntry in Register of Share Transfers and Members

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